Today we are talking about poker. What do you know about this game? In general, poker is not specifically a game. This is a category of games that combines many subspecies. Each type of poker has its own unique rules, bets, winnings and victory conditions. Among all types of poker, one can highlight one of the most popular – Texas Hold’em poker. If you are new to poker, this is the game to start with. You will always find casinos, tournaments and active tables for this type of poker, as well as many guides.

First you need to understand the basic rules of Texas Hold’em. 2-10 players sit at the table. The dealer deals each player 2 starting cards face down – Texas Hold’em hands. This is where you decide whether to play these hands or fold. This moment is one of the most important in the whole game. After that, you place your bet and the dealer puts 3 cards up on the table. Bets are repeated and the table fills with cards until there are 5. At the end, the player with the highest combo takes the pot.

Best Texas Hold’em hands

There are combinations in poker, from the strongest to the weakest. At the end of the game, the player who was able to collect the strongest combo at the table takes the pot. Combo can be made using 5 cards on the table + 2 hand cards. Now do you understand how important hand cards are? First, you place your bet based on these cards. Secondly, they play a key role in your combo. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best Texas Hold’em hands, so you know exactly which hand is worth a fold, and with which you have a big chance of a top combo.

Hand ranking from best to worst:

  1. Pocket Aces. The strongest Texas Hold’em hands and the strongest pair that gives you a huge advantage over any player preflop.
  2. Pocket Kings. TOP 2 pair by strength.
  3. Pocket Queens. At least two hands can be stronger than yours, but they are still very strong hands.
  4. Ace King Suited. Perfect setup for a royal flush.
  5. Pocket Jacks: A strong combo that can be raised, but not strong enough to be all-in in no-limit Hold’em.

You should raise any of these hands pre-flop because they are all incredibly strong and give you a big advantage.

Worst hands in Texas Hold’em

In the last section, you learned which hands are always worth playing. Now you should pay attention to those Texas Hold’em hands, which are always better to fold and not spend the blind on them. So, the ranking of the best hands to fold:

  • Any hand with Two other than a pair of Twos or Two and Ace suited.
  • Any hand with Three other than a pair of Threes or Three and Ace suited.
  • Any hand with Four other than a pair of Fours or Four and Ace suited.
  • Any hand with Five except a pair of Fives or Five and Ace suited.
  • Any hand with Six other than a pair of Sixes or Six and Ace suited.
  • Any hand with Seven other than a pair of Sevens, Seven and Ace suited and Seven and Eight suited.
  • Any hand with Eight, except a pair of Eights, Eight and Ace suited, Seven and Eight suited, Eight and Nine suited, Eight and Ten Suited.

All of these hands should always be folded. There is too much chance that your opponents will have a hand that is a priori stronger than yours. On the flop, you can only make a low pair.

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