Texas Hold’em is among the best card game variations at land-based and online casinos. With its simple rules, a unique combination of strategy and gambling, as well as good winning chances, this will be your best choice if you want to conquer a classic card game. With such a large online poker community, you can play Texas Hold’em for fun or for real money in poker rooms and on gambling websites.

Understanding poker hands ranking, you should know that Flush Texas Hold’em is very desired hand – especially if it comes with the prefix ‘Straight’ or ‘Royal’. You can play for years and not get such a valuable hand as the probability of its occurrence is very low. However, if you hit poker Texas Hold’em Flush, your chances of winning are high as endless.

Probability of Getting Royal Flush in Texas Hold’em

As you know, Royal Flush Texas Hold’em is the highest hand in the poker game. This unbeatable hand contains A, K, Q, J and 10 of the same suits. Although this combination is extremely rare, poker enthusiasts are waiting for this happy moment to enjoy it. Here are some interesting Royal Flush features you should aware of:

  1. The total number of possible card combinations in poker is 2,598,960, which means that your chances of getting the same hand are extremely low.
  2. The odds of getting a Royal Flush Texas Hold’em with your first five cards is 1:649,740.
  3. Playing 20 poker hands a day, you can wait about 90 years until you hit the desired hand. However, your chances of hitting a Royal Flush are still higher than winning the progressive jackpot.

However, Texas Hold’em would not be so popular if it did not offer such a huge variety of strategies and tactics that you can use in the game. So, it is not required to hit the Royal Flush Texas Hold’em to be the winner.

How Often You Will Hit Straight Flush – Poker Texas Hold’em

This poker hand is the second strongest hand, only weaker than Royal. To be proud of yourself when you show your cards, you must have five cards of the same suit in sequence. Regardless of the number of opponents at the table, we have 36 hands that will be able to hit Straight Flush (4 hands are excluded for Royal). Keeping in mind the total number of possible combinations (2 598 960), you can calculate the probability of hitting a Straight Flush Texas Hold’em – it is 0.00139%. That is, we have the odds of 1:72 192. Although the probability is higher than hitting Royal, we are still dealing with an extremely low probability.

While the highest poker hands seem out of reach, there are many other combinations with higher odds to hit them – and these combinations are still can make you the winning player. Over the course of a long playing session, you are almost guaranteed to get one of these strong combinations.

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